Why Transcendental Meditation is not working

Why Transcendental Meditation is not working is an article I’ve been meaning to write for a long time. Because it is working, just not in the way many people expect. I will explain why.

First of all, let me clarify the context. The ecological disaster which the planet is facing is a joke compared to the ecological disaster from within, inside any of us and inevitably from within the area of our collective consciousness. Somewhere inside, below a certain “depth” we are in a common area. We are like the corals in the ocean. No one is completely separate from another. What has accumulated there as mental manure is terrible. So, if you claim you are well and happy, this means you don’t truly know what it is to be well and happy. Why do you think enlightened people hide in forests and in the wilderness? They can’t stand the smell of the garbage dump. Hate, anger, fury, fear, etc. All of them suppressed and stored there, inside.

Now, these inside problems are unpaid bills. Nothing and nobody can clear them for you. They must be paid. Of course, you can try to postpone them, but at some point you’re going to have to deal with them, whether you like it or not. Transcendental Meditation does not bring a “tabula rasa” – a clean slate, it does not wipe out the bills. The one who conceived Creation would not allow this. On the other hand, Transcendental Meditation allows the consummation of these inner problems in a very easy manner, imperceptibly even. Because there, inside, beyond us, beyond the layer of waste, beyond everything exists this infinite ocean of quietness and intelligence from which everything comes into existence. Diving the attention into that, even for a few moments, facilitates this process.

So, again. No chance of getting away from these bills. They are yours. It doesn’t matter that you can’t remember when you incurred them. We are talking about eternity, the fact that your own time perception spans from birth to death does not change facts. Those who are more adept than you, can see further. From here come those books and testimonials about the undying soul. You can pay those bills living life, as you know it. If you have gathered unpleasant things, disease, suffering, pain and whatever follows from your actions will come. If you have done something good, good things will come. Nothing is random here. Or, you can pay these bills faster and easier with Transcendental Meditation.

What I’ve said above explains why for some people it works faster, and for others slower. Some have gathered more, others less. Our inner intelligence which handles this process is so kind and full of compassion that it doesn’t give you more than you can take. Do you want to see somebody for whom the deadline for something unpleasant is close and everything comes at him at once? Find someone with a serious depression, or in any tight spot. Nobody wants this. Better easier and manageable, if not even pleasant. The important thing is that it works for everybody, but those in desperate situations need to tackle the problem from every possible angle. That’s why rithm, regular practice. Because it’s a lengthy process, which has to be regular for maximum results. We don’t want shocks.

One other thing, you don’t pay your bills and then start over. It’s desired that you learn something. If your bills are paid and you haven’t learned anything, then you start all over, right? Well, not really. You will remain there, at that point of your evolution until you change those decisions inside that lead to those problems which you had to solve. This is another reason why Transcendental Meditation is not working. It works, only slower and it’s patient with the stubborn. You have no choice either way. Either this, or day to day life as you know it.

So, this is why Transcendental Meditation is not working. Because you think you can fool the laws of nature. I eat and I don’t get fat. I drink and my liver is fine. I’m full of malice and I enjoy other people’s suffering and this has no consequence. I don’t do anything, I scream like a child that I want something and I get it. No, and if you take a moment to think about it, you know it is like I said. 

If you want to do better in life, find a teacher, learn Transcendental Meditation and stick with it. Otherwise live your life, it will be fine anyway.

With many thanks to Alexandru Manea for the English translation. Articolul original în română aici.

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